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Alberta Education - Allergy & Anaphylaxis Informational Response (July 2008)

Avoiding Corn / Comment éviter le maïs au Canada (Feb 2008)

Déjouer les allergies alimentaires (Feb 2008)


Select Wisely - food and travel translation cards (Feb 2008)

KoziEpi EpiPen and Puffer pouches (Feb 2008)

Muffins Inc (Feb 2008)

EpiPen Expiry reminder service in Canada (Feb 2008)


Cleaning Peanut Allergen off Tables - Research (Feb 2008)

Outgrowing Peanut Allergy Research (Feb 2008)

Outgrowing Peanut Allergy - Our Experience (Feb 2008)

CBC article - Outgrowing Peanut Allergy (Feb 2008)

USA Food Labeling Legislation (Feb 2008)

Cottonseed Allergy (Feb 2008)



AAIA Food Allergy summer camp (Feb 2008)


Health Canada fact sheets - "It's Your Health" / "Votre santé et vous"

Local Resources


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