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Calgary Area Resources (part of Resources page)

This page lists some useful contacts and resources for people living in the Calgary area with allergies and asthma. 




Burns Memorial Fund
If you need financial help to get an EpiPen® and you live in Calgary, you may be able to get help here. Priority is given to financially limited, special needs children. The Fund will consider requests from families in need who are not receiving any from of A.F.S.S. (Alberta Family & Social Services) assistance. C
all 234-9396 for more information.
For a MedicAlert® bracelet/necklace subsidy, go to

Alberta Child Health Benefit

Low income familes in Alberta can receive a child tax benefit and supplemental benefits through this plan. It includes funding for EpiPens.
For more information, call the numbers on the web site (if you can find them) or contact your local MLA (member of AB legislature) office for that info.
Find out who your MLA is.

Children's Link Society
The Society acts as a central information centre for family support services in the Calgary Region.  They can provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on supports, programs, treatments and other services for children 18 years old and under and their families.

Calgary Public Library
The library is a wonderful source of books, videos and recipe books.  You can do a search of their books/videos, etc. by using the OPAC system, which is available in each branch and in your own home if you have a computer. 

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) - Calgary office
Report cross-contamination or mislabelling to this office. For more instructions, see the article "Reporting a Food Reaction due to Mislabelling or Contamination." Phone: 403 -299-7660    

National webpage - Links page

Alberta allergy/asthma chat group....
There is a new chatboard starting up for those in Alberta Canada to share information about local resources and concerns. Give it a try at

Alberta Children's Hospital Asthma Program - Calgary
We have a super asthma assessment and treatment program at ACH. A doctor's referral is  needed.They also have a library of materials which the public can access. If your child's asthma is newly diagnosed, out of control or you need information, check out the CHR's Child Asthma Network web site listing below. For teens/adults, see next listing.

Calgary Asthma Program (CAP)
CAP provides an educational facility for asthma in Calgary and southern Alberta for older teenagers and adults with asthma. Anyone 16 years of older with asthma must be referred by a physician. The Asthma Clinic will not take over the care of patients but aims to assist their family physician to achieve control of this chronic disease.
CAP also does educational presentations. Call (403) 220-8742.

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Calgary Health Region (CHR)- Health Connection site / iCAN Child Asthma Network
The CHR site is patient oriented, with a search capability for trying to find the service or topic you want information about, and lots of links on a large number of topics.  Well worth a visit!
Every school in Calgary is assigned a health nurse, who has access to allergy/asthma information and resources such as videos and handouts. Call the CHR or your school to find out who is assigned to your school. Let the health nurses help you in dealing with any health concerns at your school.
The Child Asthma Network is a great asthma information site for kids and parents. They also have resources for kids who can't read yet.

Calgary Emergency Medical Services Department
Calgary ambulance teams carry adrenaline kits and can legally administer them.  Not every jurisdiction does that so check out your local department or, if you're travelling, the policies at your destination.  Don't assume that an emergency medical team can provide treatment with adrenaline.
Register yourself or a family member with Calgary EMS as having anaphylaxis or asthma
Medical information to give to the Dispatcher

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Canadian Celiac Association - Calgary chapter
Very helpful for those with wheat/grain allergy in need of recipes and support.

Children's Cottage Community Respite program
Children's Cottage offers temporary care for parents in need. The Community Respite program offers a range of respite and crisis child care options and in-home support to families with children aged newborn to age 12. It's available when the parents are experiencing personal and/or family stress and have no other support available.
They are also looking for interested day home providers and community individuals to open their homes to these children on a short-term basis. Providers determine their own availability, ages of children and special considerations they will handle.
People in Calgary with experience handling asthma and allergies, especially severe food allergies, can be helpful to these families. We have unique knowledge and experience. For more information about helping out, visit the Contact page.

Food Allergy News
This web site is the creation of Wendy Busse, a registered dietitian here in Alberta.
A variety of articles and resources.

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Asthma/Allergy Supplies
There are lots of vendors selling these things.  We don't endorse specific firms or products but here are a few for your information.

The Laundry Store
Located in Deerfoot Meadows shopping area (Deerfoot Trail and Heritage Drive SW), they sell evoVantage" Laundry Detergent, which has an oxygenated cleaning agent in a perfume and dye-free (sensitive) formula. Front loader washer compatible. Low Sudsing. They also sell Persil laundry detergent, which is huge worldwide, as well as European laundry appliances and accessories. Phone: 403 - 252 - 0700.

 The Dermatology Centre Pharmacy and Skin Care Supplies Ltd.
124- 42nd Ave SW--Macleod Tr & 42nd Ave SW (NW corner set back a bit), Phone:  (403) 299-5808
This little pharmacy provides lots of products which are free of such things as fragrance, formaldehyde, paraffin waxes, lanolin, etc..  They will sit down with you and talk about what has worked and not worked for you, and give you samples of products which they think will help.  They will even mix up a concoction for you if nothing they have has helped.

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Food Related

Chapman's Nut-free Ice Cream Products - Edmonton/ Calgary & Western Canada
Also milk-free and sugar-free products. Available in most major grocery stores.

Lakeview Bakery
Lakeview Shopping Centre, 6449 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2E 5R7  
Tel: (403) 246-6127
Calgary's full-service bakery that provides a wide range of allergy diet products. Catering to wheat-free, yeast-free and sugar-free dietary requirements.   Not totally nut-free but they will work with you on your requirements.

Earth's Oven
This bakery in Marda Loop specializes in gluten-free baking, and many of their products are wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free, etc. They also bake without additives or preservatives. Read their web site info for peanut/nut information. They do special orders (e.g., wedding cakes) and will ship by courier.
2133B ~ 33 Ave SW (Marda Loop), Calgary, Alberta, T2T 1Z7
Tel: (403) 686-4810

Community Natural Foods
1304 - 10 Ave SW, Phone:  229-2383
202-61 Ave SW (across from Chinook LRT station) Phone: 541-0606
Large natural food store, health and laundry products, alternative flours, etc. bulk gelatin for baking gluten-free bread (cheaper than packets), xanthum gum, etc.

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Barel's Bakery and Nosh
2515 - 90th Avenue SW, Calgary. Phone:  238-5300
Their products have no dairy, peanuts./nuts or milk. Soups and salads also available.

Kinnikinnick Bakery
( or
They specialize in celiac requirements but also have other goodies as well. They deliver throughout Canada and the States or in the grocery store. Lots of celiac links on their web site.

Shun Fat International Supermarket
This store is a large Asian supermarket located in the Forest Lawn area which is one of Calgary's best kept secrets for international foods. We buy our rice paper (for wraps, spring rolls), etc., frozen goodies with no wheat. We even found rice noodle instant soups. The store is located
Location: 3215 - 17 Ave SE a few blocks east of Deerfoot Trail on the south side of 17th Avenue. It's in a strip mall with a big parking lot out front.


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