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Here are some items which you may find useful for learning and teaching others about anaphylaxis, mainly from "non-profit" sources. Other products, services and materials are described on the Marketplace and Links pages.

If you are in the Calgary area or Alberta, see the Local Resources page.

Allergy/Asthma Information Association (AAIA)
The Allergy/Asthma Information Association (AAIA) is a (Canadian) national organization dedicated to helping allergic individuals and their families cope with everything from the sniffles and sneezes of hayfever to life-threatening food allergies and asthma.

The AAIA offers membership, newsletters, resources such as buttons, posters, brochures, and local contacts for support and networking.  The AAIA also works with the federal and provincial governments, and the food and drug industries to advocate for the allergy/asthma community. The AAIA played an important role in establishing our world class labelling regulations.
Help AAIA help you!
Join today!

Allergic Living magazine Canadian flag
The magazine and web site have helpful, credible articles on allergies, asthma and environmental allergies. It's also CANADIAN, which is a refreshing change to all the American magazines we get, so you can actually find the products in our stores! How refreshing. It also is good quality magazine. I (webmaster) have a subscription and I highly recommend it.

Health Canada "It's Your Health" / Votre santé et vous - fact sheets
English        Francais

Keep on top of the most recent information Health Canada has to offer on pertinent health and safety issues by subscribing to the It's Your Health notification service. It's Your Health is a series of timely fact sheets intended for the general public, the media and special interest groups, and is published by Health Canada for the Web and for print publication.
Subscribers to this notification service will be informed via email whenever a new It's Your Health fact sheet is available on the Web.

Abonnez-vous au service d'information Votre santé et vous de Santé Canada pour demeurer au fait des questions de santé et de sécurité les plus percutantes de l'heure. Votre santé et vous est une série d'infofiches publiées par Santé Canada et destinées au grand public, aux médias et aux groupes d'intérêt particuliers, par voie électronique ou imprimée.
Les abonnés au service seront avisés par courriel aussitôt qu'une nouvelle infoficheVotre santé et voussera disponible sur le site Web de Santé Canada.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)
 The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network is a large, well-respected non-profit organization in the U.S.  FAAN offers a large array of resources, including a great newsletter
adult, free additional child's newsletter personally addressed to them, books, brochures, cookbooks, EpiPen® trainers, videos and lots of other goodies.

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iCAN Child Asthma Network
Alberta has the third highest asthma rate in Canada. Developed as part of a three year project out of the Calgary Health Region, this web site provides great materials for kids of all ages, including those who can't read, and parents or caregivers.
This Canadian website offers information on all kinds of health concerns. It provides access to physician-written and reviewed content, including a video library and interactive health management tools, a drug database, daily health news and health organizations across North America.

"Anaphylaxis: A Handbook for School Boards"
Canadian School Boards Association (
 This handbook, revised in Sept 2001, is produced by the Canadian School Boards Association with the funding support of Health Canada.
It is an excellent FREE resource for anyone dealing with anaphylaxis, not just School Boards. It is available in French and English. 
This Handbook:

  • provides the background information required to begin developing policies for life-threatening allergies in schools
  • identifies key issues which such policies should address
  • proposes a number of policy and procedural options
  • provides sample letters and newsletter inserts

 Some of the material is on our web site under the Articles menu: Sample letters. Photocopies of the appendices can be made without permission (I checked). Use of the text must have copyright permission from Health Canada.

3 options: order your print copy from the web site for a reasonable price, download for free from the CSBA web site or right here .
(English)    (French)

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency --Food Recalls/Allergy Alerts
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issues food recalls and allergy alerts that will be of interest to Canadians. Sign up for these e-mail alerts on their web site. You can also view food labelling regulations. See Links page for info.

Book List - Allergy/ Anaphylaxis/ Asthma / Additives, etc.
The book list has outgrown this page and are now on their own page. There are many excellent books. Check them out of the local library or purchase at a bookstore.

Canada (
United States (
MedicAlert® is an international, non-profit organization. If you have a life-threatening allergy and/or asthma (or any other serious medical condition), don't be caught without your MedicAlert® bracelet or necklace. Enrollment provides access to a 24-hour hotline number which will provide caregivers access to critical medical information and contact numbers.
1 in 5 people have a condition that needs to be known in an emergency!

This service is much better than getting a bracelet engraved with no phone support. See the article on Look-alike bracelets and evaluate the differences.  If your contact or medical information changes, you need only call them to change your records rather than get a new bracelet (although you may still need a new bracelet for major changes to medical information).
Financial assistance available.

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Manufacturer Addresses/1-800 Numbers
Use these numbers to confirm ingredients and manufacturing information. The manufacturers are generally very helpful and responsive to our concerns. Phone or write them and let them know that we care how our food is made! It makes a big difference. We're always looking for updates so email us more if you have them.



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