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This page is a vendor listing of allergy/asthma related products. We do not sell anything on this site. Please contact the companies directly. No money is received for listings.
AAIA member discounts available from selected vendors.

Legal stuff:  The Calgary Allergy Network and AAIA do not necessarily endorse the following companies and product. We take no responsibility for your transactions with them.

Calgary area commercial companies are listed on the Local Resources page. National flag denotes company's home base. International shipping is usually available.




BOOKS - Resources pg - see Book List

sources for Twinject" and EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injectors and

*Trainers (no needle/meds)- AAIA Products , Twinject, Anaphylaxis Canada

* Belts with holders and Protectube: AAIA Products, All Star Sales
, E-belt , Anaphylaxis Canada

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ALLERGY / ASTHMA SUPPLIES (alphabetical order)

Allergy/Asthma Information Association (AAIA)*
A more complete listing is on the AAIA Products page on the AAIA site.  Most materials and services are available in French as well. Here are a few highlights:

  • Yearly membership and newsletter (English or French)
  • EpiPen® trainers, Protectube" auto-injector holder
  • Videos and books
  • Brochures and articles, all medically reviewed
  • Cookbooks
  • Anaphylaxis and Asthma Presentation Kits
  • Posters, Allergy buttons
  • Research support

Allergators Clothing & Accessories USA flag
This company sells a variety of cute food allergy t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts and accessories such as wrist bands and some buttons, all with an alligator "mascot". The product sizes are mostly in the toddler range. Check re shipping to Canada.

All Star Sales*
All Star sells a variety of products including adrenalin injector holders and belts and the Protectube" case. Note that the E-belt and Ana-tote fit both the EpiPen® and Twinject" adrenalin injectors.
Only works with Explorer (May 06).

Allerex - EpiPen® -redirected to
Allerex used to be the Canadian distributor for the Epipen®. Their licensing has been bought by King Pharma Canada Ltd. Their web site is - the Allerex site is no longer in operation.

Allergy Posters - FREE USA flag
Download and print these free nice looking posters if you're pinching pennies.

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Allergypack* USA flag
"Four unique products for carrying allergy and asthma medication." The PEN PAL ORIGINAL" and PEN PAL 2" carry one or two EpiPens®. The ALLERCASE " and PUFFER PACK SPORT" are 2 neoprene cases to carry asthma inhalers and/or medications.
Mention that you found them through our site and a donation will be made to AAIA.

Anaphylaxis Canada Canadian
This Canadian charity focuses on allergy concerns and especially those that could result in anaphylaxis. They offer a membership, newsletter, auto-injector and other products and a variety of services in English.

Blue Bear Aware Canadian
This company based in BC provides shirts, water bottles, lunch bags and other similar items for babies and kids. Appropriate for older kids.

Canadian Allergy & Asthma Products (C.A.A.P.)
This company provides a variety of allergy and asthma supplies such as bedding covers, air cleaners, cleaning products, dust mite and dander control products, books, videos and other things.

E-belt™ auto-injector carrier
E-BELT™  will protect your emergency auto-Injector. Heavy-duty construction.
Available as a single or double case attached to the belt, or single or double holster. Insulin case also available. Webmaster note: I've used this belt for my child and it's really tough. By sitting horizontal on the belt, it doesn't get in the way of playing or bending over.

King Pharma Canada Ltd. is now the Canadian distributor for the Epipen®. Their web site is Allerex is no longer involved in this activity.
Register today for their EpiPen expiry reminder service! On the home page, click on "I'm a Consumer", then look at the menu on the next page and select "Reminder Service".

EpiPuppy Canadian
Here is an Epipen carrier shaped like a puppy that goes around the child's waist.

Greatbones Tshirts/Bibs
Offers several original drawings with food allergy messages - your choice of bibs, Tshirt styles and sizes, geared for young children. Site works only with Explorer browser.
Contact:780.438.6425, [email protected]

Kids Preferred Asthma Friendly Toys USA flag
Stuffed toys that can be washed, have allergy/asthma friendly stuffing, etc. Look at the Products page. I'm checking out who the Canadian distributors are. Check out the Build-A-Bear stores in the Canadian malls - the site has a link to them.

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MediaWorks - "Taking Control" videos/booklets
Media Works has produced some excellent videos (with booklet) starting with "Taking Control - Anaphylaxis and You". The series has now been expanded.
Donate one to your school, public library and keep one for yourself!
Available from the Media Works web site and from the AAIA Products page.
AAIA Member discount.

MediPouch* USA flag
Medipouch is an single or double auto-injector holder. It is a washable pouch with strap with a separate tube to hold your auto-injector(s). It could probably hold some meds as well.

NO Nuts posters
Two beautiful watercolour posters illustrating a "no nuts" message. The posters measure 12x18 inches.

Quorum Allergy Products
They are a well-known Canadian company which offers a full line of mattress & pillow encasings, Air cleaners, furnace filters, dust control products, pet washes, iron-on clothing patches (food allergies), etc. They have stores and outlets that sell their products in various cities across Canada.
AAIA Member discount.

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KoziEpi® EpiPen® and Puffer Pouches Cdn flag New
This company offers very attractive pouches for inhalers and adrenaline injectors. I think this is something that kids, especially young ones, will want to wear. A nice break from the black industrial look. Also available in other countries so check out their web site.
Other Canadian vendors may carry them as well.

Protectube™ auto-injector carrier* 
via All Star Sales & Service or AAIA Products
This protective tube for epinephrine auto-injectors is waterproof and buoyant, hard as nails (and maybe kid-proof?), UV protected, plastic grip cap and much more.  Handy for sports bags and fanny packs for active kids, especially at camp. 
May be available in your local drugstore. Fits both auto-injectors.
International Distributors:  UK, France

AIAA member discount / donation to the AAIA.

Safety Sack Auto-injector & Medication Carrier USA flag
SafetySack is a heavy duty nylon pouch with a hole at top left corner for hanging, an emergency action plan sheet and a child-resistant safety lock with reclosable slide zipper. It has room for allergy and asthma meds, EpiPens and trainers, pictures, info sheets. Ships to Canada.

Select Wisely Travel Cards USA flag New
Travelling to another country where you don't know the language? This company offers food and travel translation cards. They also have cards for other medical and food preference needs. Their cards are offered in a wide variety of languages.

Star Allergy Alerts
An Australian company offering allergy badges, Tshirts and stickers. Really neat designs.

Twinject"  Epinephrine Auto-injector*
A new auto-injector (October 2005) has just been introduced to the Canadian market.
"Twinject is a pre-filled, pen size auto-injector with two doses of epinephrine for the emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). The first dose is administered using the auto-injector. The second dose, if needed, is administered via a pre-filled syringe located inside the barrel of the device. Twinject is available in a compact, crush-resistant carrying case, with instructions for use attached to the device; it also has a small gauge needle." Twinject - Canada, Twinject U.S.
Twinject should fit into most of the autoinjector holders and belts on the market. Check with the vendor first.

Trainers/demonstrators (no needle or medication) can be ordered in Canada from Paladin Labs -- English     Franç

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For Calgary and area resources, please visit the Local Resources page.

Chapman's Ice Cream
Well known for its quality product in Ontario and now across Canada. They have some nut-free ice cream products (also some milk- & sugar-free) available. Very allergy-aware.

Chocolat Lamontagne Inc.
This company specializes in providing fundraising products made of nut-free Belgian chocolate.

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Edible Options
This site features a number of cookbooks for gluten-free cooking and some allergies such as milk, eggs and wheat.

I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter USA flag   
The butter is made from roasted soy beans in a peanut free manufacturing plant. They claim that it has a similar taste and texture as peanut butter and is 30% less fat. Check your local food store. For a similar Canadian offering, see the listing below for NoNuts Golden Pea Butter.

Ian's Natural Foods USA flag   Canadian New
Note: Link goes to Canadian product page.
 Ian's has a variety of product lines, one of which is their Red Banner product line - fish sticks, chicken nuggets, etc. All products under the Red Banner are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free. Mostly available in the U.S. and in selected stores in Canada. They are advertised as "allergen free" which in truth, no food is. Anyway check it out.

Submitted by an AAIA member - Thanks!

Imagine Foods - Non dairy products USA flag
Makers of the brands Rice Dream® and Soy Dream® milk and frozen dessert products. Available in Canada with Calcium.  Check the ice cream labels for nut/peanut if that's a concern.

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Kinnikinnick Bakery - Edmonton
Located in Edmonton, Alberta but they ship in Canada and to the U.S. They specialize in gluten-free products for celiacs (and wheat allergic). 

Medallion Milk Co Ltd.
Medallion Milk distributes nondairy beverages in powdered form. Vance's dairy-free is quite good - has a mild flavour.  Available on the web site and they're hoping to get it into food stores as well.

Muffins Inc Cdn flag
This food service was started by a mother of two children, one of whom is severely allergic to milk,eggs and all nuts. She has created her own product that is free of these allergens. You can order the muffin mix to make goodies for your family. Some stores also carry the product so check out the site for the latest information.

Nonuttin' Foods
Nonuttin’ Foods Inc. manufactures chewy granola bars for people with food allergies. They are free of 8 of the top 10 food allergens and are Kosher certified pareve. Nonuttin’ Granola bars contain no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, seeds, sulphites, trans fats or animal by-products. For information on retail stores with the bars or to buy direct, check out this link.

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No Nuts Golden Peabutter
This product has a similar colour to peanut butter and it's made out of peas in a peanut/nut-free facility. I think the flavour is pretty close to peanut butter. Available at most major grocery store chains - usually located with the peanut butter but in some stores, it's separate. Another Alberta success story!

Quaker Chewy Peanut-free Granola Bars Canadian
These granola bars are made in a peanut-free facility. Available in 7 flavours in Canadian grocery stores. The box is prominently labelled as being peanut-free on the box and on the individual wrappers.

Nut FreeGourmet Cookies/Cookie Dough
Here's another opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth in a nut-free way. This company sells cookies and cookie dough, as well as providing an opportunity to use their product for a fundraiser.

Specialty Food Shop at Hospital for Sick Children
Run by the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. Offers a specialty foods and books which can be purchased online or at their store. Not just for allergies.

Tayo Milk Substitute
A non-dairy alternative with all natural ingredients than can be used just like milk. No dairy, rice or animal ingredients, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

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Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates USA flag
Offer gourmet chocolates without nuts or peanuts. They ship to Canada too.

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CAERAN sells personal care and cleaning products. They list all the ingredients on their labels, which is great for people with sensitivities.

The Laundry Store - Calgary AB

Located in Calgary at Deerfoot Meadows (Heritage Drive and Deerfoot Trail). They sell evoVantage" Laundry Detergent, which has an oxygenated cleaning agent in a perfume and dye-free (sensitive) formula. Front loader washer compatible. Low Sudsing. They also sell Persil laundry detergent, which is huge worldwide as well as European laundry appliances and accessories.
Phone: 403 - 252 - 0700.

Canadian Allergy & Asthma Products (C.A.A.P.)
See Description above.

Healthy Home Services
Household cleaning products with ingredient lists!
Looks interesting, especially for people with chemical sensitivities or eczema.

Quorum Allergy Products (description above - click on link)


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