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Contact Guidelines

This web site is my gift to the allergy community and a labour of love. I am a volunteer. The site originated from our receiving no information from our allergist about potentially life-threatening allergies for our young child. When we left the office, we had a prescription for an EpiPen® and no idea what it was and how/when to give it. In 1995, it was hard to find small allergy organizations, there was very little info on the Net and those sites had almost nothing on living with it. The Net has helped allergy organizations get their message out. How times have changed, thankfully!

I no longer have the time to answer all the emails however I will continue to update the web site as time allows. Emails re encouragement, broken links and suggestions are always welcome (-;

Contact guidelines

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page - Here are the most frequently requested answers. If your question is on this list, do not expect an answer to your email.

Subject Index - If you can't find it on the site, check the Index, which lists most of the web site contents by subject, often more than once. Many people's emails would be answered by checking the Index.

Marketplace links - I favour Canadian products and/or allergy products such as EpiPen® cases, good books, videos, etc. I don't list air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, etc. They're easy enough to find by search engine and there are a million suppliers.
Herbal remedies / alternative products - no thanks. I don't have time to vet them.

New links - by all means let me know about a site you loved but don't be insulted if I don't put it up. Again, lack of time means it's hard to find time to check it out.

Cookbooks - we all love to eat and there are a lot more allergy related cookbooks than there used to be. I have enough links, thanks. Check out the Internet book stores, library or your local bookstore.

Broken links, outdated information - much appreciated as keeping up with the Net is hard to do.

It IS possible to live a full life with allergies and asthma. It takes energy and time to research what you need and to change your lifestyle as needed. You will feel better as you make these changes. All the best to you my friends.....


N Wiebe, Webmaster
Calgary Allergy Network and Allergy/Asthma Information Association (

Contact Webmaster: to cut down on spam, please email me in the usual format ([email protected] using the following information: allergies1 at calgaryallergy dot ca


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