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About the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) sciLINKS logo

"Dear Calgary Allergy Network,

I'm writing to tell you about a new service provided by the National Science Teachers Association ( and to invite you to help us facilitate the effort. The service is called sciLINKS, and it is an endeavor by NSTA to connect textbooks to useful online content.

Many teachers are taking advantage of the Internet to show their students materials that enhance or extend the content covered in the curriculum. These materials are available in the public domain, but they are often difficult to find. We believe that by utilizing textbooks as a portal to good online content, we can reach more teachers and students than is possible with the traditional search engine or pointer web site. This is simplified by the fact that 90% to 95% of students learn science through the pages of a textbook. A direct connection from a concept on the textbook page to materials exploring that concept in cyberspace leads readers to the kinds of materials our professional educators believe work best in the classroom.

You are receiving this letter because one of your web pages was selected by our team of teachers who reviewed it using a stringent set of criteria that ensure selected materials have accurate content and effective pedagogy.
Our teachers selected the following web page(s),

Once a web site is selected, we place its URL in a database, correlate it to the National Science Education Standards, and write a brief description that identifies one or more of its salient characteristics. When a reader (a teacher, student, or even parent) of a sciLINKed textbook comes across a sciLINKS icon in their textbook, they know that the content on that page has been enhanced with online content specifically connected to a single concept. The reader goes to the free sciLINKS web site, and they type in a code found on the pages of that text, and the sciLINKS search engine reports the five to 15 pages our teachers selected. When a user selects one of these sites, a new browser window opens, points to the selected web site, and connects the reader directly to the content provider--you.

Please consider using the attached sciLINKS logo somewhere on the selected page(s). This will mark your page as one of excellence. "

Terms of Use: The information on this site does not constitute medical advice and is for your general information only. We cannot be held responsible for anything you could possibly do or say because of information on this site.   Consult your family physician or allergist for specific questions or concerns. 


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