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School Activities Involving Food

This document chronicles the incredible amount of food which is present at a local school. If you present this list to the adminstration, they may be surprised! This list will give you an idea of the challenge that parents of food allergic children face when trying to control the exposure to food allergens, some of which can be fatal. It may also be helpful to those parents whose children are just starting school, to know the kind of activities to watch out for and monitor for their children's safety. 


  • Cookies/Candies as Rewards 
  • Birthday Treats brought by students 
  • Cooking Days in class 
  • Taste Testing days 
  • Studying Food in science (Canada Food Guide??) 
  • Math--Counting with candies 
  • Shopkeeper days 
  • Healthy Eating classes (Nutrition) 
  • Science--Bird feeders 
  • Construction 
  • Art (supplies are sometimes stored in old peanut butter containers) 
  • Humanities--Multi-cultural days 
  • Buffet style sampling 
Special Occasions 
100-day Celebration (Grade 1), Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Sports Day 


  • Book and Bake sale ... All sorts of Baked Goods sent in 
  • Family Dance 
  • Candies and Chips at recess (for School Patrol Funds) 
  • Pizza Days 
  • Donut Days 
  • Hot Dog Days 

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Terms of Use: The information on this site does not constitute medical advice and is for your general information only. We cannot be held responsible for anything you could possibly do or say because of information on this site.   Consult your family physician or allergist for specific questions or concerns. 


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