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How to Report a Food Reaction due to Mislabelling or Contamination"

from the AAIA National News, April 1998.

If you have an allergic reaction to a manufactured food and you suspect that it may be mislabelled or contaminated by an unlisted

1.  Immediately follow your emergency treatment plan.

2.  Do not throw out any remaining portion of the offending food.  Wrap and save it, along with the label and package (it helps to know the
store also).

3.  Contact the nearest office of the CFIA for advice.  Report the type of reaction. If requested to do so, give the CFIA the remaining
portion of the food, along with the label and package, for laboratory testing.

4. You can report the reaction to the manufacturer of the food if you wish to do so.  The company may want to know the code numbers
from the packaging so that it can investigate.  If the company offers to pick up the remaining food, telll them that the CFIA will be doing
Note:  If the CFIA tests the food and finds that mislabelling or contamination did occur, they will contact the manufacturer.  Sometimes the food has to be recalled.

Web site information:

Food Recalls/Allergy Alerts
ou en francais... (
You can receive e-mail versions of new recalls.  People who subscribe to the service will get all of the recalls destined for the web in English and French as plain text messages.  Usually, individuals on the subscription list receive the information  the same night as it is issued. Many of these are not published in the newspaper so it's a useful source of information.

Acts and Regulations
en francais...
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has many roles, including inspection of food companies and sources, enforcement of acts and regulations, issuance of food recalls and allergy alerts that will be of interest to Canadians.

Contact CFIA:


French http://


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