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School Support Group Objectives 
These objectives come from a support group which was set up by some parents at an elementary school. We hope it will give you some ideas of how to get started. Also, see the Agenda for their first organizational meeting . Note that their first organizational meeting included the Public Health Nurse and a staff member, both of whom were interested. 

Our Support Group Objectives

  1. To be an Allergy and Asthma support group for parents having children at XXXX Elementary School. 
    • Our group is not just for peanut allergies. It also is for Asthma, other Foods Allergies, Environmental Allergies and other food related concerns 
    • A place where parents can share fears and concerns 
    • Sub-Committee rep can discuss issues with school - avoids duplication 
    • School procedures are documented and promoted - would like a 'manual' 
    • Can share procedures used to deal with various situations 
  2. To offer information and support to teachers, parents and children on issues involving asthma and food allergies 
    • Encourage membership in Allergy Asthma organizations 
    • Can arrange talks on allergies and asthma to teachers, children in class, group. e.g. Class lesson reinforcing allergies as part of class health program or at start of School year. 
    • Share tips and information ... recipes, doctors etc. 
    • Talk to children on first day of school (or close to first day) 
  3. To be a contact point for parents new to the school who have asthmatic or food allergic children 
    • We will be a support group they can come to for information 
    • We will have documented procedures or recommendations for dealing with most situations that have been identified. 
    • They will know that they are not alone in the school system 
    • They will be able to find out what events/procedures in the school might be a concern to them. 
  4. To be an information group for any event being organized at the school that might involve asthmatics, or involve foods dangerous to food allergic children, so that organizers have a central point of contact for informed advice. 
    • We need to be aware of what is coming up and get involved in the initial planning. Do not always have to "run" the event ... just advise ... many already volunteer. 
    • Cross Contamination is a major concern. 
    • We will always supply our child's food. Danger is touching something with food allergen. 

Terms of Use: The information on this site does not constitute medical advice and is for your general information only. We cannot be held responsible for anything you could possibly do or say because of information on this site.   Consult your family physician or allergist for specific questions or concerns. 


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