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Agenda for School Support Group

XXX Elementary Allergy/Asthma Support Group 

Section 1: First Meeting Agenda ( & Organizer Notes) 
Section 2: How To Introduce Ourselves to the Parents 

Section 1: First Meeting Agenda ( & Organizer Notes) 

  1. Introduction
    1. Have everybody fill in the Sign-up sheet with child's allergies 
    2. Introduce ourselves, and why we set up the group
      • Because of our fears about situations at the school 
      • To get a group of parents together to unite and work on common issues. 
      • Parents and staff concerned but can't seem to get a grasp of how extensive the problems are involving food concerns. 
    3. Introduce School Public Health Nurse and staff member as observers 
    4. Need to prioritize issues to get addressed by School and School Council 
  2. Attendees introduce themselves 
    • Who they are 
    • Who their Child is, and what Grade 
    • Why they are attending 
    • What they would like the group to achieve 
  3. Support Group Objectives ......Overhead 
      We would like this to be a Self Help group and a Working Group to work with the School and School Council to identify and resolve areas of concern; e.g., 
    • Mention that Asthma is not well represented 
    • Would like subgroups/representatives for: Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes 
    • This is a Safety and Health issue. Our children need to be considered as Special Needs Children. Not asking for special treatment ... Just Educate our children - don't Feed them! 
  4. Brainstorm for all Concerns / Issues Need two boards to write on.

    10 minutes 
    Write down all issues .... no matter how silly or offbeat 
    Absolutely no Judgements or Objections to any issue 
    Have someone write them down on a flip chart (or two flipcharts)

    5. Group all issues Review the main issues and prioritize. Sort the issues raised into categories

    1. Review all the issues raised
    2. Sort them into groups 
      • Parent Responsibilities 
      • Child Responsibilities 
      • School Responsibilities 
      • Educational / Informational 
    3. Prioritize the issues into A and B 
      • A issue are:

      • Serious, Require immediate attention, Affect a large number of people, May just be easy to implement 
      • B issues:

      • Require more time for investigation, Can be dealt with by individual parents, Relatively minor 
  1. More brainstorming for Solutions
    Rules: Same as above 
    Need to identify and prioritize issues to get them addressed by School Administration and School Council 

  2. Nominate Subgroups
    Possible subgroups -- Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Fundraising substitutes, Food ingredient lists 

  3. Assign follow-up tasks

  4. Follow-up meeting for subgroups
    Or wait for next group meeting? Date and Location. 

  5. Close meeting
    Will have summary for next School Council Meeting. Next public meeting .... when and where?

Section 2: How To Introduce Ourselves to the Parents

Our introduction to parents at start of school year. 
  1. A cover letter introducing our child to the parents of the other kids in his/her class 
  2. Photocopies of newspaper articles on food reaction incidents. 
  3. Homemade fridge magnet (business card size) with our name and phone number, request to call us if the parent was sending any food item to the school 

Note: The book "Anaphylaxis: A Handbook for School Boards" is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers also. Handbook 

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