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There are many good books on allergies and asthma. Here is a sampling that I've come across. Check your local library and bookstore.

*Déjouer les allergies alimentaires - Recettes et trouvailles
* What's to Eat? The Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook
* Caring for your Child with Severe Food Allergies
* Food Allergy Field Guide
* Hard to Swallow - The Truth About Food Additives
* The Allergy Bible: The Conventional and Alternative guide to Understanding,    Avoiding and Treating Allergies
* Dietary Management of Food Allergies and Intolerances
* Once Upon a Breath (the story of a wolf, 3 pigs and asthma)
* The Complete Allergy Book

* Life-threatening Allergic Reactions -- Understanding & Coping with    Anaphylaxis
* Eating Well Milk-Free
* The Canadian Allergy and Asthma Handbook
* No Nuts for Me
* A Preschooler's Guide to Peanut Allergy
* Aaron's Awful Allergies

Déjouer les allergies alimentaires - Recettes et trouvailles
Le livre Déjouer les allergies alimentaires - Recettes et trouvailles (Les Éditions Québec Amérique inc., 2002, 335 p.) propose en effet des solutions pour éviter les aliments à risque, tout en réalisant des mets savoureux à déguster avec plaisir. Les auteurs, Marie Josée Bettez et Éric Théroux, ont développé plus de 150 recettes faciles à exécuter et exemptes de plusieurs voire de la totalité des allergènes alimentaires suivants : oeuf, lait, soya, arachide, noix, graine de sésame, blé, poisson, mollusques, crustacés, boeuf et poulet. Disponible au Canada (Québec), en France et en Suisse.

What's to Eat? The Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook
by Linda Marienhoff Coss
It's tough to cook dairy and egg free. Lots of recipes - nicely laid out with ingredients, prep and cooking times. A nice book - 200 pgs. ISBN 0-9702785-0-0 link

Caring for your Child with Severe Allergies
by Lisa Cipriano Collins
Written by a parent who is living it! Also deals with some of the psychological aspects, which are usually the more challenging part of severe allergy as our kids get older. Available from the Calgary Public Library ISBN 047134785X link

Food Allergy Field Guide
This is a practical, upbeat book written by Theresa Willingham, a parent with extensive personal experience dealing with a child with celiac disease. The book is very useful for anyone dealing with food allergies and food sensitivities as well, since the coping strategies are very similar.
It includes the following: the latest research on food sensitivities, practical advice on living with these allergies, how to detect hidden food sensitivities, 100 recipes and an extensive resource list (this web site is footnoted but not mentioned as a resource).
Webmaster note: I read the book and thought it was excellent.
ISBN 1-889374-07-5 Should be available in libraries and bookstores.

Hard to Swallow - The Truth About Food Additives
by Doris Sarjeant and Karen Evans

This is an excellent resource featuring a large section describing many food additives, their characteristics and general use, a large section containing excerpts from the Canadian Food and Drugs Act with discussions about labelling, chapters on irradiated and genetically engineered foods. If you have to read labels, this is the book to have. 326 pages.   ISBN 0-920470-47-5. Published in Canada by Alive Books, Vancouver. Available from local book stores.
Indigo/Chapters link link

Dietary Management of Food Allergies and Intolerances
"Many different immunological and physiological reactions contribute to the symptoms of food allergy and food intolerance. No single test can possibly detect them all. This book is designed to provide the information and tools that are required to detect food sensitivities...and ...advice on nutritionally adequate diets..". ISBN 0-9682098-2-3, 1998.
The author, Dr. Janice Joneja, holds a Ph.D. in medical microbiology and is a registered dietition/nutritionist. She runs the Allergy Nutrition Program at the Vancouver Hospital and Health Science Centre and is an adjunct professor in the School of Family and Nutritional Sciences, University of British Columbia.
A book outline and sample of the food allergenicity chart is available at (email: )

Once Upon a Breath (the story of a wolf, 3 pigs & asthma)
by Aaron Zevy and Susan Tebbutt
A great book for kids who have asthma with lots of humour and good advice.  The same folks wrote the book "No Nuts for Me" detailed below. Softcover, top quality, approximately $5.95.  ISBN 0-9680678-1-6.  Tumbleweed Press. Sponsored by Glaxo Wellcome. May still be available in Ontario at Shoppers Drug Mart or your local library/bookstore. link

The Complete Allergy Book
by June Engel, Ph.D., University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine
A very comprehensive and current discussion of allergies and anaphylaxis. Also has a chapter on asthma. My copy is heavily underlined. 1997.
ISBN 1-55013-854-5
Indigo/Chapters link


Eating Well Milk-Free
by Christine M. Wellington
This is a cookbook for milk-free diet written by a dietitian. Good reviews from our group members who have used it.
ISBN 0-9699787-0-7. Published by Redpine Distributing 1-800-482-6134 or through your local bookstore.
Indigo/Chapters link

The Canadian Allergy and Asthma Handbook
by Dr. Barry Zimmerman, Dr. Milton Gold, Dr. Sasson Lavi, Dr. Stephen Feanny with Eleanor Brownridge
A revised and updated version - 1997. ISBN 0-679-30790-7. Very complete and easy to read. Another high quality resource however it may not be available now from Indigo/Chapters link .

No Nuts for Me
by Aaron Zevy
 A great little story about how a little boy handles his food allergy (with an Epipen and MedicAlert bracelet) at school.  My four-year old likes it.  It encourages kids to take precautions and still have lots of fun in life.  Written by Aaron Zevy and illustrated by Susan Tebbutt.  ISBN 096-8067-808.  Endorsements by the Ontario Public School Boards' Assn and the Food Allergy Network.
Pretty old now - not sure if you can get it. Might be in your local library.
Indigo/Chapters link

A Preschooler's Guide to Peanut Allergy
This book was created as a personal effort to educate the author's  peanut allergic two year old daughter. The soft cover storybook, follows four year old Meagan Myers through the discovery of what it means to have a peanut allergy and how to manage it. Available through your local bookstore or by ordering directly from Ticketar publishing company.

Aaron's Awful Allergies
by Troon Harrison and Eugenie Fernandes
Aaron loves animals -- he has a dog, a cat, six kittens and six guinea pigs to prove it.  But he must give them all away when he finds out he has allergies.  Aaron misses his pets -- until he finds one special pet that doesn't make him sneeze and that is just as much fun.  Beautifully illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes, written by Troon Harrison, both familiar names in children's books.
ISBN 1-55074-422-4.  Kids Can Press.
Indigo/Chapters link

Terms of Use: The information on this site does not constitute medical advice and is for your general information only. We cannot be held responsible for anything you could possibly do or say because of information on this site.   Consult your family physician or allergist for specific questions or concerns. 


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