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Talking to the 911 Dispatcher (Calgary)

The appropriate response of the Paramedics depends on you to relay the following minimal information to Medical Dispatch through your dispatcher:

  • Location

  • Patient complaint or type of incident

  • Approximate Age and Sex Conscious: Yes? No? Alert?

  • Breathing: Yes? No? Difficulty?

  • Additional Information of Use:
  •   Medical case and age over 35: IS CHEST PAIN PRESENT?
  •   For motor vehicle accidents: IS THE PATIENT TRAPPED? IS THERE   MORE THAN ONE PATIENT?

    This information comes from the Calgary EMS Department. Your local emergency services may require different information.

NOTE: If you have registered with EMSD as having anaphylaxis, they will pull up the person's file based on their home address. It won't work if you are calling from somewhere else or if you moved and did not update your file.

Terms of Use: The information on this site does not constitute medical advice and is for your general information only. We cannot be held responsible for anything you could possibly do or say because of information on this site.   Consult your family physician or allergist for specific questions or concerns. 


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